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The LXLC-50E~300E Woltman water meter , a type design with the option of pulse output integration, is used to measure high flow rates in water supply lines, agricultural applications and industrial applications at low pressure loss. The pulse output integration option can be used to transmit flow rate information for remote reading systems.
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Woltman water meter Overview:
Place of Origin:hefei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:EMI
Model Number:LXLC-50E~300E
Color:Blue or customize
Register:Dry Dial
Housing Material:Cast Iron
Norminal Diameter:50mm,65mm,80mm,100mm,125mm,150mm,200mm,250mm,300mm
Nominal Diameter :DN50/DN65/DN80/DN100/DN150/DN200/DN250/DN300
Temperature:Cold water up to 50 Celius
Metrological Class:R50,R65 ,R80

Woltman water meter Advantages:
Nominal diameter DN 50 up to DN 300
Designed for cold water measurement, temperature class T50
High resistance in extreme conditions (vibration)
The design of the plain bearings resists impacts and high loads
Long-term stability of metrological parameters
Type is intended for mounting in horizontal position, upwards
Waterproof dial
Leak proof and sealed totalistic
Magnetic drive
Repairable without interrupting water supply
Removable mechanism ensures easy maintenance
Totalistic protected by metallic cover
Reliable sensitive metro-logy and low pressure loss.
Remote reading facility/pulse output available on requestwoltman type water meterindustrial water meter
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woltman water meter

Woltman type horizontal detachable water meter

The detachable wolman type water meter adopts detachable mechanism, the water meter does not have to be removed from the pipe, the movement can be repaired and replaced, the reading number is clear, the measuring mechanism is universal and the service life is long. Small pressure loss, energy-saving recommended products for water company, and can provide remote pulse signal according to customer requirements.
woltman water meter

Horizontal woltman water meter

Voltman (woltmann) water meter, is a kind of velocity water meter, which is suitable for use in large diameter pipeline (DN50-DN500). It is characterized by large flow capacity and low pressure loss.
woltman water meter

Flanged Irrigation Woltman Water Meter

Flanged Irrigation Woltman Water Meter is a large carliber woltman type water meter ,mainly used for bulk flow purpose such as indurstry ,irrigation,city water supply 
bulk water meter

Wet type Bulk water meter

EMI woltman type water mete is designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water in industrial,mining,commercial,and other applications,the carliber size is more than 50mm . This meter can be used for primary and secondary (check) metering applications. Type:woltman type (turbine)roller index and dial register (m³) Size &connection:DN50-300(50~300mm or 2”~12”),Flange connection water temperauture:cold water up to 30°C
removalbe wotmann water meter

Horizontal Removable Element Woltmann Water Meter

EMI ® brand Horizontal Removable Element Woltmann Water Meter is designed to Record the total amount of cold water flowing through the tap water pipe,typically for bulk water flow and Cannot be used to measure sewage and corrosive liquids. Conditions of Use : Temperature class: T30 Pressure class: MAP10 Pressure loss level: ΔP63 Upstream flow field sensitivity level: U10 Downstream flow field sensitivity level: D5
vertical woltman water meter

vertical woltman water meter

Vertical Woltman water meter is designed for industrial and irrigation application in sizes 50mm and 200mm for cold meter
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