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Wireless pulse water meter

Wireless pulse water meter is a new generation of wireless smart water meter developed based on ultra long-range and low-power data transmission modules below 1 GHz. It adopts linear frequency modulation and spread spectrum modulation technology, and cooperates with advanced and efficient networking algorithms to realize ultra-long-distance communication in complex environments. The water meter can realize up to 8 levels of routing, and the communication distance is 10 times higher than the ordinary point-to-point mode. At the same time, it has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, strong penetrating power and strong anti-interference ability.
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    LXSG-15/20 WP
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products details
Product name:Wireless pulse water meter

Quick detail:

Caliber: DN15/DN20
Function: Remote reading ,wireless pulse output.
Category:cold water meter

  • Type:Dry-dial/Wet-dial water meter
  • Measuring accuracy is up to class B of ISO4064 Standard.
  • Available for cold water(cold water meter)
  • Support photoelectric, RS-485, M-BUS and LoRa output interfaces and provides Radio Frequency and remote meter data reading functions for concentrated management
  • have all the functions of a traditional mechanical water meter;
  • Normally no power supply, only need to read the meter for instant power supply, and the power can be cut off immediately after the meter reading ends;
  • LoRa self-organizing network mode, no wiring is required, and the node water meter is added independently in the network, and the system maintenance is simple;
  • One battery can meet the service life requirements commonly used in the industry
  • Applicable process: IP68 waterproof grade; use environment: -10 °C ~ 55 °C

Design Parameters:

1) The water meter has low power consumption;
2) The transmission distance is far;
3) High receiving sensitivity;
4) Strong penetrability, can penetrate 5-10 floors;
5) The meter reading speed is fast, and the one-time automatic centralized copying;
6) Free ISM wireless metering frequency, multi-frequency point can be set;
7) Efficient cyclic interleaving error detection and coding, strong anti-interference ability and high sensitivity.impursed wireless remote reading water meter
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pulse water meter

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The remote pulse water meter is composed of a common mechanical water meter plus a pulse sensing device. The water consumption can be transmitted by means of a Hall pulse electrical signal, and signal acquisition, signal processing, storage and data are transmitted through the communication line through the electronic module. Repeater or handheld meter reading device, the body is integrated design, the user can record and save the water in real time, or directly read the current accumulated number. When the smart water meter receives the meter reading command, the water meter data can be uploaded to the water meterManagement system
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The wireless pulse valve controlled remote water meter is added with the valve control function on the basis of the wireless remote water meter. The water meter can automatically control the valve switching action by using the handheld meter reading terminal at the set metering value or appropriate time to achieve remote meter reading. And the purpose of automatically controlling water is convenient to realize the pre-charge function. The water meter integrates modules such as metering sampling, valve control, and wireless communication, and has the advantages of low power consumption, long-term stability, high reliability, perfect functions, and convenient installation.
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Wet type ,AMR water meter wtih many transmission options:NB-Iot,Lora wirelss,gprs remote reading,Wired M-bus or RS-485 you may choose the right type as to your site installation condtions or more cost effective remote reading systerm combination is subject to your budget or tender requirement.the system make it possible to dowload meter reading task,data check,systerm or report management,.chargeand value added service, remotely valve control and more functions
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this type multi jet water meter used for residential ,domestic water ,should install it the same direction of water pipe and tap
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The multi jet water meter, is made of brass, plastic or iron body. Available in sizes 15mm to 50 mm for residential application
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IC RF card water meter does not need the network to achieve the pre-paid function, deployment, maintenance is very simple, equipped with advanced software management system, data never lost, widely used in Engineering community, apartment, rental housing, school dormitory, factory dormitory, commercial hotel.
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