cold water meter

Water meter communication controller

EMI-CC1.02 water meter communication controller Based on the pulic swithced telephone network(PSTN) are equiped with two types of communication interfaces(i.e RS-232/485)to achieve the communication and data transmission of data concentrator and automatic reading master station or other equipments
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Remote data transmission by telephone coummnication
Its stability is much better in comparison with wireless data transmission
With a private protocol ,it’s adaptability is good
It’s possible to add the stand-by power supply,even without a/c power supply,the controller can continued to work for more than 48 hours
Comply with the newest standard jg-t-162-2009 for residential remote meter reading system

Techanical parameters

Model number: EMI-CC1.02
With rs-232,rs-485 interface In case of rs-232 work mode,it can connect a data controller or pc host,farthest distance not more than 15 meters communication
In case of rs-485 work mode,each communication controller utmostly can connect 64 piecies of data controller,the fartheset distance between data concentrator and communication controller can be 1000 meters
Enviromental temperature:20℃~+/- 80℃
Relative humidity:5%-95% (no condensation )
Voltage:ac220 (1+10%/-15%)V
In addtion,the 12v battery can be external power supply(optional)water meter communication controller
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water meter data concentrator

remote reading water meter data concentrator

EMI –CD1.00 Data concentrator’s marjor functon is to adopt data acquisition,storage of all opto-electric direct readign water meter and transit the measuring data to automatic reading master station,handheld raeding device or other quiped equipment by means of M-BUS
remote reading water meter

Automatic remote reading system software

Automatic remote reading system is softeware used for Auotmatic remote reading water meter (AMR/AMI )water meter
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The LXLC detachable horizontal woltman type water meter is used to measure the total amount of tap water flowing through the pipeline. It cannot measure hot water, sewage and corrosive liquids. LXLC-80C~200C detachable horizontal woltman water meter, also known as “agricultural water meter”, is suitable for the measurement of water (such as groundwater) containing muddy, sand in the pipeline.
pulse water meter

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The remote pulse water meter is composed of a common mechanical water meter plus a pulse sensing device. The water consumption can be transmitted by means of a Hall pulse electrical signal, and signal acquisition, signal processing, storage and data are transmitted through the communication line through the electronic module. Repeater or handheld meter reading device, the body is integrated design, the user can record and save the water in real time, or directly read the current accumulated number. When the smart water meter receives the meter reading command, the water meter data can be uploaded to the water meterManagement system
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Rotary vane wheel liquid sealed water meter is designed by EMI for continuously measuring ,recording and displaying the water flowing through the closed full pipe Under the measurement conditions.
Electromagnetic water meter

Electromagnetic water meter

The electromagnetic water meter is specially designed for the water supply enterprise and is designed for the water industry. It can optimize the water supply and ensure accurate water trade measurement and settlement. The unique all-stainless steel shell design ensures that the water meter is used in a highly polluted environment, conforms to the water meter environment, all-pass structure, zero pressure loss, no wear; ultra-large range ratio, small flow sensitivity and large flow measurement are far superior to other water meters .
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