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Volumetric Rotary Piston Water Meter

Volumetric Rotary Piston Type Water Meter ,brass /cast iron /nylon material for option ,can also be equipped with Pulse output
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What's Volumetric piston water meter and how it works?

Installed in a pipeline, consisting of a chamber of known volume that is filled and discharged one by one, and a water meter that is fluid-driven, or a quantitative discharge meter.

Volumetric water meters generally use a piston structure.

Unlike a speed water meter, a volumetric water meter measures the volume of the actual fluid passing through the water meter. The most vivid metaphor is like the kind of revolving door in front of a large supermarket or hotel. It can only be rotated in a fixed direction. Every time a certain angle is turned, the fluid passes through the water meter to the other side. Therefore, volumetric water meters are more accurate than speed meters. The velocity meter measurement error will have an error of ±2% depending on the fluid velocity, while the volumetric water meter error can be controlled to ±0.5% or lower.

In terms of use, volumetric water meters are generally used in precision industrial enterprises or test places because of their accurate measurement results; and velocity water meters are generally used for normal domestic industrial water use.

In terms of price, volumetric water meters are generally much more expensive than velocity meters(single jet,multi jet ,woltman type ).

Main Features:

Not affected by an external magnetic field
Ensures high sensitivity and accurate registration throughout a wide flow range.
High measuring accuracy, the starting flow of the meter is 2 L/h or less;
Installed in vertical,horizotnal or incline position
Magnetic drive , lower transimission resistance.
Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading.
Internal strainer, inlet filter opitonal
Brass body or plastic body is available to choose
Remote transmission can be equiped
Liquid sealed or Dry-dial register, keeps clear reading for long time;
Reed Switch can be supplied on demand ,1L/pulse ,10L/pulse ;
ISO4064 water meter confirmity
buil-in non-return valve availalbe
Wide range accurancy from Class A to D

Working condition:
Water temperature≤50℃ (Hot water meter≤90℃)
Water pressure≤1MPa (PN: 1.6MPa/16bar)

Installation requirements

Rinse the pipeline prior to install
keep the water meter tank up during operationVolumetric pison water meterdisplacement water metervolumetric displancement water meterdry dial piston water meterwater flow meter
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volumetric water meter

R160 Class C volumetric water meter

These piston volumetric water meter are a instruments which directly measure the volume of the fluid and divide it into separate volumetric spaces with known volumes. By multiplying the number of gradually filled volume spaces by the volume of each space, we get the value of flow. It is always measured over a period of time, and the result is the value of a unit of volume in a unit of time. Volume flowmeters usually show the total flow through the counter, but also allow the generation of output pulses, each pulse represents a certain volume of fluid. Pulse numbers can be read or transmitted from the local display to the control system.
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Volumetric brass Water Meter

The working principle of the volumetric water meter is that under the action of water pressure, water enters the measuring chamber from the lower water inlet, and the rotating piston is rotated around the central axis of the measuring chamber, and water is formed from the inner space of the piston and the wall of the piston and the measuring chamber. The empty space is discharged to the upper water outlet, and the rotation shaft and the fork are connected to the counting mechanism while the piston is rotating. Therefore, the volume flowing through the water meter can be calculated by counting the number of times the piston is rotated. The most important product of the volumetric water meter is a rotary piston type water meter. Rotary piston type water meters are generally small diameter specifications, characterized by high metering grades (up to C and D Class), small flow metering capability, and high sensitivity. At present, it is mainly used for the measurement of pure water in pipelines.
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Volumetric Piston Liquid Water Meter Class C/R160

LXH-15E-25E is Piston Displacement (Volumetric) water meter with mechanical transmission, liquid sealed register has the sizes from Dn15 to Dn40 designed by EMI and meets to the requirements of Directive 2004/22/EC on measuring instruments; the European Standard EN14154+A1+A2: Water Meter; the International Organization of Legal Metrology OIML R-49: 2006(E): Water meters intended for the metering of cold potable water and hot water.
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Volumetric Piston Dry Type Water Meter

Volumetric Piston Dry Type Water Meter s are designed to measure the volume of cold water at a pressure to 16 bars, in the households or office-industrial complex. Installation should be done in any position.
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Volumetric piston water flow meter

Volumetric water meters are more accurate than speed meters. The velocity meter measurement error will have an error of ±2% depending on the fluid velocity, while the volumetric water meter error can be controlled to ±0.5% or lower.
Rotary pison water meter

Volumetric piston cold water meter

The rotary piston water meter utilizes a rotary piston measuring mechanism, and the measuring accuracy is accurate. The technical mechanism is special liquid sealed, which has clear readings, light appearance, and the inlet valve is equipped with a check valve to prevent backflow, and the water meter can be installed horizontally ,vertically or inclined . According to the user's request, the conversion electric signal output can be increased to achieve the purpose of remote reading. And the plastic case LXH-15B-40B, using excellent engineering materials, high strength, good toughness, light and beautiful appearance is a more economical and environmentally friendly high-performance water meter.
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