cold water meter

Single jet plastic cold Water Meter

this type of single jet water meter is made of plastic meter body and designed for potable water such as applications of residential,household,domestic apartments
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Product Name:
Single jet plastic  cold Water Meter
Model NO:
Dry Dial

Anti Magnetic

ISO 4064|Class B

Single Jet|volecity principle

accurate in small sizes and widely used in 1/2" (15mm) to 2" (50mm) for domestic ,household,residential use

Product characteristics:

  • health and environmental protection, there is no secondary pollution;
  • acid resistance, alkali resistance;
  • no corrosion or exudate;
  • safe and reliable, does not contain any toxic elements;
  • high precision, anti-interference, strong reliability;
  • large measurement range, high accuracy, easy to read digital display;

Product structure:

  • the structure of the long life;
  • direct transmission is not affected by magnetic field;
  • measuring movement is easy to change;
  • connection head is connected with imperial thread;
  • all kinds of connections can be prepared according to user's needs.

Working condition:

  • Water temperature:   0.1℃~50℃ ( for cold water meter)
  • Water pressure   : ≤1.0Mpa (PN:1.6Mpa/16bar)


Maximum Permissible Error:

  • From minimum flow-rate(qmin/q1) inclusive to transitional flow-rate(qt/q2),exclusive is ±5%
  • From transitional flow-rate(qt/q2)inclusive to overload flow1rate(qs/q4)exclusive is ±2%

cold water meter plastic water meter

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cold water meter

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