cold water meter

Semi dry multi jet water meter

semi dry wet type water meter is one kind of wet type water meter ,it can be immersed into the water ,but the dial is partially separated from it remaining dry and the rollers are protected in a sealed capsule. The transmission from the turbine to the gears of the reading mechanism is direct.
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It is a multi-jet, wet, cold-water counter with the digit rollers and pionters - the EMI-SD water meter indicator wheel is installed in its own chamber, which is filled with a special protective liquid. because of the protected indicator, the water meter is the best measurement even in demanding conditions. Again, there is no water, so there are no suspended particles that could flow into the water meter dial. Therefore, EMI-SD water meters are always tested even in heavily polluted water or ice water. EMI-SDR is a remote communication system in combination remote readout.

Construction multi-jet wet dial meters
Our multi-jet turbine meters as wet dial model are characterised by the fact that the impeller shaft is connected directly with the register. The register’s rollers and pointers are surrounded by the measuring fluid. The advantage here is that the power transmission from the measuring chamber takes place directly in the register and thus, no friction losses occur. The result is a very low starting flow. In contrast to dry dial meters, this meter model cannot be influenced magnetically and metallic pollution cannot deposit itself on the impeller shaft or the coupling. We recommend this meter for all potable water qualities where pollution of the register through fine particles can be ruled out as far as possible

Main Features:
  • Specially protected indicator wheels
  • Water meter for horizontal installation
  • remote reading with photoelectric or pulser(reed) optional
  • Standard resolution 10 l/pulse, optional 100 l/pulse available
  • Liquid seaied register, long clear breading, etc.
  • Mechanical transmission;
  • Direct reading in protected rollers
  • Multi-jet, Selected high quality materials for steady and reliable characteristics, Technical data conform to International Standard ISO4064
  • AMR (automacti remote reading )supported by Mbus/RS485 wireless or radio wireless

measure with an accuracy of +/-5% in the lower flow range and +/-2% in the permanent load range.

Water temperature: ≤ 30º C Water pressure: ≤ 1MPawet type water meter
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