cold water meter

Rotary vane wheel wet dial photoelectric water meter

Photoelectric wate meter use a new encoding technology with no reading error ,can pre-equiped with auomatic remote reading system through Mbus or RS485 wire ,or wireless ,valve remotely control can be realized on request
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Product Summary:

photoelectric direct reading remote cold (warm) water meter, using photoelectric direct reading technology to read the wheel data directly, compared with the traditional pulse water meter, the measurement error can be reduced to zero. It is an electronic remote water meter which converts zero error in automatic meter reading system.

Wet-type water meter: the counter is immersed in the water meter, its table glass bears the water pressure, the transmission of the sensor and the counter is the gear linkage

Outstanding Features:

1.  The product uses low power consumption design, usually does not need to supply power, only in meter reading (control) when it needs instantaneous power supply.

2. The main functions and characteristics of the water meter by encoding and decoding will be the number of the water meter "direct reading", is the physical position translation of the number of digits on the wheel.

3. The system (or hand held device) sends electricity to the meter when reading the meter, no battery is used in the meter.

4. Meter reading action completed instantly, meter reading data and dial reading no deviation, not affected by jitter, backflow, strong magnetic interference.

5. The water meter has the identification code, the water meter address (factory number) is made up of numbers. Remote transmission of usage information and other information via bus. Compatible provides RS485 or MBUS bus transmission, can work alone or can form a network system, the information is read separately by a dedicated handheld reading device or the system network reading.

6. "0" power consumption, lower failure rate, longer life. The intelligent electronic unit is completely sealed in the counter, isolated from water and not eroded by external water and moisture.

7. Adopting advanced data coding and checking method, the communication reliability is high.

8. Combined with the host computer system, the remote transmission centralized reading system is established, and the meter reading automation is realized.

9. Valve-controlled direct reading meter has long-range valve control management function, using ceramic disc valve. Compared with ball valve, it has the characteristics of strong sand resistance and low power consumption.

10. wet dial water meter ,can be immersed under water and the counter kept clear,applied to the underwater conditions
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