cold water meter

Rotary vane wheel liquid sealed water meter

Rotary vane wheel liquid sealed water meter is designed by EMI for continuously measuring ,recording and displaying the water flowing through the closed full pipe Under the measurement conditions.
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Rotary vane wheeltype liquid seal water meter performance characteristics:

1. The water meter indicating part of the water meter indicates that the metering part is sealed with special liquid, the metering precision is high, the starting flow is small, and the reading is convenient.
2. The performance is stable and reliable, the service life is long, the appearance is beautiful, and the water meter has strong versatility.
3. This series of case materials can be selected from copper, iron, engineering plastics and aluminum alloy composite materials.

The main parameters of the rotary air seal water meter:

Temperature class: T30
Pressure rating: Map10
Pressure loss level: △P63
Upstream flow field sensitivity level: U5
Downstream flow field sensitivity level: D0
Maximum allowable error:
Cold water meter: a) The maximum allowable error of the lower zone (Q1 ≤ Q < Q2) is ± 5%
b) The maximum allowable error of the high zone (Q2≤Q
Note: The technical parameters of this product are in accordance with the national standard GB/T778.1~3-2007 (ISO4064-1~3:2005IDT).

Wired by Mbus/Rs485wired water meterLora/NB-iot/GPRS

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cold water meter

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