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remote reading water meter data concentrator

EMI –CD1.00 Data concentrator’s marjor functon is to adopt data acquisition,storage of all opto-electric direct readign water meter and transit the measuring data to automatic reading master station,handheld raeding device or other quiped equipment by means of M-BUS
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Usage: as accesssory of remote reading water meter ,it plays a role of data collecting,storage,and transit and finally achieve remote reading or AMR/AMI functions


it is equiped with various communication interfaces,such as M-BUS,RS485,wireless modem(optianl),and it can utilize the current communication networks,such as telephone,GSM/GPRS/CDMA to achieve the communication with all photoelectric direct reading water meters,auomatic reading master station and handheld reading device or other equipments
it can retransmit the control orders of automatic reading master station or handheld reading devices to control the valve or switch of optoelectric/photoelectric direct reading water meter
it is equiped with a built in real time clock to meet the requirement rate for different intervals
Model number and Technical parameters
Model No.EMI-DC1.0
Total loading meter quantity : ≧240
Quantity of M-BUS Channel: ≧60
maximum output current of each channel:250mA
longest loading distance of each channel :1000m
maxiumum strorage frequency of 240 pcs meters’s reading data :1000times
strorage time of power –down : ≧10 years
RS485 Baud rate:300~9600 bits/s
M-BUS baud rate: 300~9600 bits/s

Working Enviroment:

Humility:5%~95% (No condenstion)
Air pressure :86kPa~106 kPa
Working power supply:
voltage :AC220(+10%/-15%)V

Frequency: (1+/-1%)Hz

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