cold water meter

Remote pulse water meter

The remote pulse water meter is composed of a common mechanical water meter plus a pulse sensing device. The water consumption can be transmitted by means of a Hall pulse electrical signal, and signal acquisition, signal processing, storage and data are transmitted through the communication line through the electronic module. Repeater or handheld meter reading device, the body is integrated design, the user can record and save the water in real time, or directly read the current accumulated number. When the smart water meter receives the meter reading command, the water meter data can be uploaded to the water meterManagement system
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products details
Quick details:

Model NO:LXS15-300
Principle:velocity of Water Meter
Medium Pressure:General Water Meter
Work Environment:Dry or Wet
Stucture:Pulse Ouput Remote Reading
Material:Brass /Iron/Ss 304 for Option
Color:Blue or Red
Certificate:ISO4064 ISO9001
Standard:Class B
Pulse:1L/Pulse, 10L/Pulse or 100L/Pulse
Pulse Signal:Single Pulse or Double Pulse for Option
Pulse Wire:1.5m or as Your Request
Sample:Available Now Stocks
Trademark:EMI or OEM
Transport Package:Brown Carton
HS Code:9028201000

Product information:

Name: pulse water meter

Material: cast iron, brass, stainless steel

Signal: hall signal (switch signal)

Mode of communication: reed switch (magnetic drive)

Medium temperature: cold water 0 ° c ~ 40 ° c

Hot water: 0°c~90°c

Installation interface: dn15-50 thread srewed connecton

Dn15-500 flange

Working pressure: ≤1.0mpa

Application: plc circuit, secondary display, electronic acquisition and transmission module

This series consists of a hall element and a reed switch to convert the amount of water into a hall pulse electrical signal output. The impeller and the counter are magnetically driven before, and the combination of the theory and the pointer shows that it has the characteristics of convenient technology and long service life. A pulse signal is sent every 1l (10l/100l/1000l) of water.

The number of pulses that can be set (customized):
1 pulse = 1l/10l/100l/1000l (1l = 0.001m3)
the water meter  pulse number default factory settings:
Dn15-dn32 1 pulse = 100l (0.1m3)
Dn40-dn200 1 pulse = 1000l (1m3)pulse water meterreead switch impulsed water meter

Water meter selection points

The selection of the water meter first considers the working environment of the water meter: such as the temperature of the water, the working pressure, the working time, the measuring range and the water quality, etc., and then selects the water meter, and then according to the designed flow rate of the water meter, the pressure loss of the water meter is close to and does not exceed the specified value. Determine the diameter of the water meter.

When the water is stable, the nominal flow of the water meter should be determined according to the designed flow rate of the second pass. The household water meter of the new residential building has a nominal diameter of 15mm, but if the self-closing toilet flushing valve is installed in the house, the nominal diameter of the water meter should not be less than 20mm to ensure the necessary flushing strength.

Construction installation points:

The water meter should be installed in a place that is easy to access and read, free from exposure of hot sun, freezing, pollution and mechanical damage. The front end of the helix woltman type water meter shall have 8-10 times the direct straight pipe of the water meter. For other types of water meters, there shall be a straight pipe of not less than 300mm. If pipe is supplied with the pump. The front end of the water meter shall be equipped with a buffer device and not less than 1000mm straight pipe section

An inspection valve shall be installed on the front and back of the water meter and on the bypass pipe. The water meter and the water meter shall be equipped with a drain device. In order to reduce head loss and ensure the straight flow of water in the water meter pipe, the front valve of the water meter should use a gate valve. The household water meter in the house, the maintenance valve and the special water discharge device may not be set.

Water meter wells should prevent flooding and rain

The direction of the water meter should match it’s own type

When the water meter may slelf- rotate, affect the metering and damage the water meter, a check valve should be placed behind the water meter.

Installation requirements for cold water meters are basically the same except for different operating temperatures. The maximum operating temperature of the hot water meter is 90 degrees celsius. If the hot water meter is installed in front of the boiler or heat sink, to prevent backflow, a check valve should be placed at rear area of the water meter.

If the water quality is hard or there are many suspended solids, the front end of the water meter should be equipped with a filter or strainer to prevent the main water meter impeller from being damaged.

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pulse water meter

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The wireless pulse valve controlled remote water meter is added with the valve control function on the basis of the wireless remote water meter. The water meter can automatically control the valve switching action by using the handheld meter reading terminal at the set metering value or appropriate time to achieve remote meter reading. And the purpose of automatically controlling water is convenient to realize the pre-charge function. The water meter integrates modules such as metering sampling, valve control, and wireless communication, and has the advantages of low power consumption, long-term stability, high reliability, perfect functions, and convenient installation.
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The working principle of the volumetric water meter is that under the action of water pressure, water enters the measuring chamber from the lower water inlet, and the rotating piston is rotated around the central axis of the measuring chamber, and water is formed from the inner space of the piston and the wall of the piston and the measuring chamber. The empty space is discharged to the upper water outlet, and the rotation shaft and the fork are connected to the counting mechanism while the piston is rotating. Therefore, the volume flowing through the water meter can be calculated by counting the number of times the piston is rotated. The most important product of the volumetric water meter is a rotary piston type water meter. Rotary piston type water meters are generally small diameter specifications, characterized by high metering grades (up to C and D Class), small flow metering capability, and high sensitivity. At present, it is mainly used for the measurement of pure water in pipelines.
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