cold water meter

R80-160 Multi jet rotary vane wheel water meter

This type of water meter has wide measuring range (Ratio Q3/Q1)and high  accuracy ranges ,R80,R100,R125,R160.with drial type ,rotary vane wheel multi jet velocity type principle.
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R80,R100,R125,R160 Multi jet rotary vane wheel dry type brass body water meter

1.Brass meter body- safe to potable water
The main advantages of brass water meter are good mechanical properties and simple manufacturing process that means it perform stably. The experimental results show that verdigris adheres closely to the surface of copper and is insoluble in hot and cold water. It has high stability. Even if the powder of verdigris is injected into the body, it will not be absorbed by the human body, which will be expelled from the body through a natural reaction. The ancient use of bronze utensils as a tableware is the proof that copper is the best edible material.

2. Working principle of Multi jet rotary vane wheel dry type water meter :
The water flows in the inlet of the impeller chamber along the inlet, and the impeller is impacted to rotate along the tangential direction of the impeller, the rotating velocity of the impeller is displayed on the dial of the water meter through a gear transmission or a magnetoelectric sensor, and the actual flow through the water meter is displayed.turbine water meter

3. Model number :LXSG(Y)15-50E for cold water meter


Photoelectric (or called optoelectric basic data colleting way):this is new and stable technology .it was well known as optical technology that encode the register without any error .and the data is just a digit roller number.
No need power at daily work,only powered momentarily at time of reading
Brass body ,no pollution and sturdy and durable
Tailorized options remote reading for your project:Mbus,RS485, wireless ,Lora,GPRS,Nb Iot…
metrological accuracy :B class
Compliant Standard :ISO4064
R80-R160 ratio

--Measuring the total volume of cold portable water passing through the pipeline.

Working condition:
Water temperature: 0.1°C~50°C for cold water meter .
Water pressure : ≤1.0Mpamulti jet water metersmall water metercold water meter
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