cold water meter
Pulse Water Meter
  • pulse water meter
    Wireless pulse valve controlled remote water meter
    The wireless pulse valve controlled remote water meter is added with the valve control function on the basis of the wireless remote water meter. The water meter can automatically control the valve switching action by using the handheld meter reading terminal at the set metering value or appropriate time to achieve remote meter reading. And the purp1
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  • wireless pulse water meter
    Wireless pulse water meter
    Wireless pulse water meter is a new generation of wireless smart water meter developed based on ultra long-range and low-power data transmission modules below 1 GHz. It adopts linear frequency modulation and spread spectrum modulation technology, and cooperates with advanced and efficient networking algorithms to realize ultra-long-distance communi1
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  • pulse water meter
    Remote pulse water meter
    The remote pulse water meter is composed of a common mechanical water meter plus a pulse sensing device. The water consumption can be transmitted by means of a Hall pulse electrical signal, and signal acquisition, signal processing, storage and data are transmitted through the communication line through the electronic module. Repeater or handheld m1
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