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Prepaid card water meter

IC RF card water meter does not need the network to achieve the pre-paid function, deployment, maintenance is very simple, equipped with advanced software management system, data never lost, widely used in Engineering community, apartment, rental housing, school dormitory, factory dormitory, commercial hotel.
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What is EMI IC card prepaid water meter

IC card prepaid water meter is a prepaid  type of water meter that uses modern microelectronic technology, modern sensing technology, and intelligent IC card technology to measure water consumption, and transfer water data and settle transactions. The smart water meter prepaid management system is composed of the prepaid water meter, card reader, user card, and management software. The management department can solve the problem of a difficult meter on-site by charging first and then using water.

The system is a good helper for the asset management department. The management software has a good interface, simple and convenient operation, and is easy to learn and use complete functions. The management software has many functions, such as  recharge, card replacement, card return, meter replacement, data backup, and recovery. It reduces the cost of property management, improves the work efficiency, reduces the labor intensity, collects the water expenses in advance, and the accounts are accurate and clear

how EMI IC Card prepaid water meter works

This series of water meters are Non-contact (RADIO frequency card) prepaid type. The user will pay for the water to the management department, and the management department inputs the amount of water purchased into the IC card through the software. After the user IC card (RF card) is close to the induction area, the water meter will automatically record the water purchase information. The water meter will then automatically open the valve to supply water. As water goes the microprocessor in the water meter automatically checks the remaining water. When there is not enough water left, it triggers an alarm function and reminds users to buy water. the meter automatically closes the valve to cut off the water supply till the purchased water is used up.

EMI Prepaid water meter features

Prepaid function,water supplied after payment
☆ Each water meter a card,Card replacement does not affect exisited data
☆ LCD Dual dispaly ensures more accurate measurement
☆ Insufficient amount reminding
☆ Valve cut off and re-open automatically as per balance condition
Data synchronization
Record and count the amount of new purchase and consumption
Easy battery replacement
Low voltage protection

EMI IC card water meter metrolotical proterties

Nominal Diameter DN15 DN20 DN25
Q4 Overload Flow(m³/h) 3.125 5 7.875
Q3 Pernament Flow(m³/h) 2.5 4 6.3
Q2 Transitional Flow(Q³/h) 0.04 0.064 0.1008
Q1 Minimum Flow(Q³/h) 0.025 0.04 0.063
Min Reading(Q³) 0.0001
Max Reading(Q³) 999999
Working Condition
Water temperature : 0.1°C- 50°C for cold water meter
Water pressure  : ≤1.0 Mpa
Pressure Loss ≤0.063Mpa
Standard ISO4064 Class  B
Installation Direction H/V

prepaid card water meter features

eMI Prepaid IC card water meter

User Guide:

After the IC Card smart water meter is installed, you need to obtain relevant information from the IC card to start and operate normally. When using the IC card, the IC card must be placed to the card sensing area (if the display does not display, shake the IC card up and down, left and right). When the display shows data, the card can be removed. When the intelligent water meter delivered from the factory, there is 2 cubic meters of water for user verification and test. Before the intelligent water meter is officially used, the data in the prepaid water meter needs to be cleaned. After cleaning, place the user card and corresponding water near the sensing area (RF card) or insert it into the card slot (contact type). After the data is displayed on the display screen,put away the card. It can be used after the valve is opened.

☆ The diameter of water meter shall be determined according to the pipeline and service flow.

☆ The installation position shall avoid direct sunlight, freezing, pollution and flood.

☆ The water meter must be installed horizontally with the front facing upward, and the arrow direction on the meter case is consistent with the water flow direction, which is convenient for disassembly and operation.

☆ Before installing the water meter, the stones, sediments, linen and other sundries in the newly installed pipeline must be cleaned to avoid the failure of the water meter.

☆ In order to measure correctly, the faucet should be higher than the water meter; The length of the straight pipe section in front of the meter shall not be less than 10d, and the length of the straight pipe section behind the meter shall not be less than 5D, where D is the nominal diameter of the water meter.

☆  the water meter shall not be directly connected to the pipeline. The water meter and pipeline shall be connected through connecting pipe, sealing gasket and connecting nut. Do not use too much force during disassembly to avoid twisting the case and affecting the normal operation of the water meter.

☆ It is forbidden to leave anything above the water meter. Pay attention to moisture-proof. It is strictly prohibited for water vapor and water droplets to penetrate into the water meter controller, damage the control system and affect the normal use of users.

☆ The maximum battery replacement time is 6 years.

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