cold water meter

Photoelectric remote valve control and reading water meter

Photoelectric remote valve control and reading water meter belongs to one type of EMI high-tech remote water meters and this series of meters has adopted the most advanced M-Bus transmission technology ,tranferred measurement information of traditional mechanical meters into electronic data through a microelectronic control circuit and upload the water status measurement results to the data acquisition unit through a RS485 transmission module,the data acquisition unit can have a remote communication network through a wire or wirless module,directly deliver data in a handheld data acquisition unit to computer terminals and achieve information exchange for the purpose of meter reading modernization .in the meantimethe water supply valve also can be controlled to realize remote control or water supply of specific users can  be shut down,opened or opened with a certain percentage of control.
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Application:it can be used to measure the total water volume passing through the pipeline,electric remote valve control water meter is a new generation of intelligent meter developed by EMI,Integrating measuring,remote reading and monitoring of water meters,this product has consisted of passive photoelectric direct reading vane rotary wheel types ,valve control and other components,this meter is characterized by high reliablity ,high precision and lower power consumption.the product is connected to M-Bus ,and it forms M-bus automatic meter reading system together with M-bus meter reading concentrator and management main stain tion to achieve remote reading and monitoring.each performance index is better than B class accuracy of standard of IS04064 about cold water metering,in the meantime the each performance index has met with flow parameters currently issued new standards ISO4064 with Q3:Q1=160,Q2:Q1=1.6,Q4:Q3=1.25 and technical requirements of industry standards issued by the ministry of construction of PRC,including JG/T162-2004 residential remote meter reading system,CJ/T188-2004 technical conditions for data transmission household measuring instruments,CJ/T 244-2006 electric remote meter etc.

Main features:

With passive photoelectric direct reading module,it doesn’t need power supply in normal timeand instant power supply is arranged for meter reading
the traditional basic meters are equiped with electronic modules,maintenance and replacement are convenient,and the meter reading will not be lost due to sudden power-down
as the photoelectric direct reading recognition system doesn’t have an mechanical touch with digit roller and other counting devices and doesn’t influence measuring accuracy
the cut of M-bus signal will not affect measurings of water meters,but affect it’s communication functions,after M-bus signal lines are well connected,the communication function will return to normal
remote automatic valve cutoff can be achieved and water consumption can be 100% controlled

Electronical technical parameter

Recognition rate:100%
recongtion : ≤800ms
transmission Bus:M-bus mode,two –wired mode and polarity –free
communication protocol is in line with provision of residential remote meter reading system JG-T-162-2009
working enviroment :Temperature:-20℃~80℃ humidity : ≤75%RH
Life span: ≧12 years

Switch size of water valve

Among 0-100% ,the arbitary range is controllableindoor water meterresidential water flow meter home water metercold water meter
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