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Photoelectric direct reading remote water meter

Photoelectric direct reading Mbus AMR water meter Product Category: Smart Water Meter Product Type: DN15 DN20 Product features: advanced structure, accurate measurement, easy maintenance Application scenario: government colleges, commercial districts, residential quarters
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Product name:Photoelectric direct reading liquid sealed Mbus AMR water meter Product
remote reading water meter
Technical terms explanation

A way to collect digit rollers value from regular mechanical water meter
how it works :By printing a special mark on the outer edge of digit rollers of regular mechnical water meter,and fix a optical sensor and related circuit at it's periphery. once power supplied the sensor will analyse and determine there is a "change"or "no change"state of the mark,then decode the mark change and transfer to the corresponding digit numbers which is quite the same as numbers of   digit rollers 
Direct reading                                        
As using the photoelectric decoding technology ,so the decoded numbers actually is the number of digit rollers and pointers .so we call it "direct reading".The system does not need to initialize the data of the water meter and the concentrator at first run or after maintenance,which reduces too much workload.
It is a standard for remote reading of water meter.can be applied for communication by two wires or wireless ,most occasions are wires as it's cost effective .so here we only refer to Wired Mbus

Liquid sealed
The digit rollers or ponters are isolated from the measured water.and they are hermetically sealed in the special chamber which filled with glycerine or pure water.the benefit of this design is it keeps clear vision of counter and no water pollution ,can be widely used for poor water quality cases

Remote reading water meter Features

  • Accurately meter reading
    • Directly reading the "window value" of the meter by using advanced photoelectric technology, it just transfer the numbers shown on digit rollers to digit data as you see it by your eyes ,not like pulse output which adopts cumulative pulse ,so there is no cumulative error
    • The electronic part of the direct reading water meter not contacted with the counter in the water meter, and is not affected by the jitter;
    • The meter adopts infrared photoelectric direct reading mode, which is not affected by electromagnetic interference and light interference.
    • Special circuit processing method, which reliably solves the carry-over problem of common direct-flow water meters (such as 200, 399, 209, 290, 390, 309 when carrying between 299 and 300) and water metering The reliability of meter reading data.

  • Stable long term function
    • Using Mbus wire,no wireless signal problems

  • Convenient to read the AMR water meters
    • No need to set the parameters, no need to store data

  • Low power consumption "energy saving"
    • The electronic device only be powered by the concentrator and through Mbus wire once the instantaneous reading is needed,so the power consumption is greatly reduced.

  • Lightning protection and other safety features
    • the direct reading water meter equiped with the lightning protection circuit and the reliability is further enhanced.

  • Long service life
    • Since electronic parts does not need long-term work,so most of time ,it’s just in state of silent watting. which avoids various kinds of interference damage (such as lightning, static electricity, etc.)
    • during the operation hereby greatly prolonging the service life of the meter reading system.
    • Installation is simple and convenient, less maintenance, low cost Adopt M-BUS bus mode, no polarity, so wiring is simple and convenient;
    • direct reading meter reading system has no reading error, system does not need long-term power supply, no backup battery is needed so maintenance is low and costs are low.

Main technical parameters
  • Nominal diameter: DN15,DN20,DN25,DN40
  • Working water pressure: 0.03MPa-1.0 MPa
  • Pressure loss: ≤0.1Mpar Pressure: 1.6MPar
  • Measurement Class:B
  • Temperature: 0.1 ° C - 30 ° C

Just two steps to build the network
  1. connect the Mbus wires to the meters on the one end ,and Mbus master station on the other end
  2. connect Mbus master station to data concentrator which collecting the water consumption date in bundle ,then the concentrator wirelessly transmit the data to cloud server.the user’s platform/software obtains the data from the water meters Other instructions: The water meter and the M-BUS master station are connected by twisted pair shielded wires. The M-BUS interface of each M-BUS master station can be connected to 50-100 water meters
    The maximum distance between the data collector and the M-BUS master station is up to 1.2KM, and the distance between the M-BUS master station and the water meter is up to 1KM. The reading command triggered by the software management system, the M-BUS master station transmits the command to the direct reading water meter connected , each water meter has a unique identity (the AMR Water meter can be distinguished by the id number), the electronic parts reads the number of the digit rollers optically and encoded to the readable digits ,feedback the data to server and platform .

Network building options

Installation Notice:

installation place for Mbus water meterhow to install AMR water meter
System Features

  • This system is a set of modern, automated and scientific management system. It has fast processing speed, high safety performance, large storage capacity, high efficiency and stability, and convenient management Features.
  • Since a large amount of data information is stored in the microcomputer, it facilitates the retrieval, aggregation, and transmission of data, thereby liberating relevant managers from heavy labor and providing a basis for scientific decision-making of management.


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