cold water meter
  • ultrasonic water meter
    Ultrasonic remote reading water meter
    EMI Branded ultrasonic water meter is in accordance with the national standard of the people's Republic of China GB/T 778-2018 "Drinking cold Water Meter and hot Water Meter", the Industrial standard of the People's Republic of China CJ/T 434-2013 "Ultrasonic Water Meter", the industrial standard of the People's Republic of China CJ/T urban Constru1
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  • smart water meter
    Prepaid card water meter
    IC RF card water meter does not need the network to achieve the pre-paid function, deployment, maintenance is very simple, equipped with advanced software management system, data never lost, widely used in Engineering community, apartment, rental housing, school dormitory, factory dormitory, commercial hotel.
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  • smart water meter
    Dry dial pulse Mbus wired remote water meter
    Dry dial pulse Mbus wired remote water meter is developed for the countries where no stable internet available and requires remotely reading the meters such as Asia area,Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia,Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand.At the same time, these smart water meters can also be combined with a billIng system1
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  • AMR Ultrasonic smart water meter
    Ultrasonic smart water meter
    Thank you for choosing the small-caliber ultrasonic smart water meter product provided by EMI. Ultrasonic smart water meter is a fully electronic water meter that uses ultrasonic detection technology for water flow measurement, the digital display screen displays the measurement data in real time, and transmits the water meter data through the data1
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  • Mbus AMR water meter
    Multi jet dry dial photoelectric Mbus AMR water meter
    It integrates metering, remote reading and remote monitoring of water meters,and is the best choice for centralized meter reading system. The electronic remote water meter (direct reading type) is composed of a photoelectric direct reading water meter, a microcontroller system, and a bus interface. The watch features high reliability, high precisio1

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  • smart water meter
    Multi jet pulse type Lora wireless AMR water meter
    The wireless remote water meter is a new generation wireless smart water meter developed based on ultra long-range and low-power data transmission modules below 1 GHz. It adopts linear frequency modulation and spread spectrum modulation technology, and cooperates with advanced and efficient networking algorithms to realize ultra-long-distance commu1
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  • wireless smart water meter
    Wirless Multi-jet wet dial AMR water meter for cold water
    Multi-jet wet dial AMR water meter for cold water In use by the million worldwide the ROWL and ROWM provide a high technical standard and a high-quality workmanship. Precise measurement results are achieved, even with difficult water quality or in difficult installation situations

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  • AMR water meter
    15-25mm AMR water meter (radio Module plug in)
    Wet type ,AMR water meter wtih many transmission options:NB-Iot,Lora wirelss,gprs remote reading,Wired M-bus or RS-485 you may choose the right type as to your site installation condtions or more cost effective remote reading systerm combination is subject to your budget or tender requirement.the system make it possible to dowload meter reading tas1
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  • amr water meter
    AMR Multi jet water meter
    LXMG-JX/SX is the EMI® AMR(automatic remote reading)series water meter,it designed based on the single jet or multi jet water meter with aumatic remote reading funtions ,through Rs485 ,Mbus ,wireless radio to realize auomatic remote reading and remotely control with valve (optional).

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  • remote water meter
    Wired valve controlled remote water meter
    a remote water meter that could remotely reading and valve control through Wire ,Mbus/Rs485 

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  • remote reading water meter
    multi jet remote reading water meter
    EMI ®AMRMD gives you the opportunity to monitor water consumption in your home or office To determine consumption, it is possible to go to the meter personally and read the value on the counter . Or you can use a more modern method - read the value remotely using the Remote module device. Our instruments continuously monitor the measured value 1

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