cold water meter

Passive photoelectric direct reading water meter

Photoelectric water meter is original data acquisiton methodological's a new encoding technology,the  typical outstanding features are no error of reading and no battery needed ,and instant power supply offered by concentrator one reading (directly or remotely).this technology can be applied to all kinds of EMI® current water meter series ,for instance,single jet,multi jet ,woltman,dry dial,wet dia.
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    LXSG-15~50 GD
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the materials of the producte series comply with the sanitation standard of drinking water measuring instrument materials,and all the performance indexes are reach to the flow rate parameters of the newly published standard ISO4064,Q3:Q1=160,Q2:Q1=1.6,as well as abide by the s tandard technical requirement of JG/T 162-2004 Long range transmission meter reading systeme for residence,CJ/T 188-2004 technical requirement of utility meter data transmission and CJ/T244-2006 Electric remote water meter issued by the ministry of construction

General assembly draing for water meters-Model
water meter assembly is mainly composed of meter case,meter movement,counting device and indication sending device,it has maintained manual reading fuction of traditional water meters and it also owns automatic meter data reading function
their sizes and installtion dimension are the same with traditional water meters,for users ,renewals or new installation ,both are good choices

it designs a new liquid sealed character wheel case with opto electric direct reading recognition sensor without changing the structure of common liquid sealed vane wheel mechanical water meter,the optical –electric direct reading recognition sensor and it’s counting devices as digit rollers don't have mechanical contact,so the measuring accuracy of meter will not be affected

it can imitate human’eyes to view and directly read the indicated value of charcter wheel ,and there is no secondary measuring process of accumulated pulse and conversed value,so there is no accumulated error

it doesn’t need battery inside the meter,and the optical electric direct reading recognition sensor doesn’t work usually,the electricity is supplied by the concentrator or hand –held meter reading devices at reading moment,to avoid the trouble caused by the fault of the battery,so it has strong interference resistance and long service life

the meter sinde is set with address code ,and it complies with this code when reading the meter,which can guarantee the unique and precise data as well as convenient maintenance and management

control device can be installed at the external of the meter according to the requirement(such as the valve etc),to conduct remote control by means of automatic reading master station or hand-held meter reading device,to realize the prepayment of meter

Operation standard

Operation temp:0-30 celius
Nominal pressure:less than 1.0 Mpa
Pressure loss : less htan 0.1Mpa

Electronic technical parameters:

recongition rate :100%
recognition time: less than 800ms
transmission bus:M-bus
Communication protocol:DL/T645,CJ/T188 or tailorized as customer’s self buiding system
working environment :temperature -20 Celius ~55 Celius ,humidity :less than 75%RH
Service life :more than 12 yearsresidential water meterhome water metermulti jet water meter
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domestic water meter

Photoelectric remote valve control and reading water meter

Photoelectric remote valve control and reading water meter belongs to one type of EMI high-tech remote water meters and this series of meters has adopted the most advanced M-Bus transmission technology ,tranferred measurement information of traditional mechanical meters into electronic data through a microelectronic control circuit and upload the water status measurement results to the data acquisition unit through a RS485 transmission module,the data acquisition unit can have a remote communication network through a wire or wirless module,directly deliver data in a handheld data acquisition unit to computer terminals and achieve information exchange for the purpose of meter reading modernization .in the meantimethe water supply valve also can be controlled to realize remote control or water supply of specific users can  be shut down,opened or opened with a certain percentage of control.
optoelectric water meter

Rotary vane wheel wet dial photoelectric water meter

Photoelectric wate meter use a new encoding technology with no reading error ,can pre-equiped with auomatic remote reading system through Mbus or RS485 wire ,or wireless ,valve remotely control can be realized on request
woltman water meter

Horizontal photoelectric direct reading woltman water meter

Horizontal detachable photoelectric direct reading woltman type water meter series is suitable for water metering in the case of relatively stable flow, such as factories, mines, main pipes of water supply, etc.
woltman water meter

Remote reading Woltman cold Water Meter

LXRY-40-200 is the woltman type water meter with remote reading function and more options for your choice,such as 5 kinds of counters ,filters and bearing,pulse output...
brass water meter

ISO4064 R80 dry dial brass pulse Single jet water meter

this single jet water meter with characteristics of dry dial,brass body and pulse output,meantime it can also be equiped with Remote reading.meansuring accuracy reach upto R80,R100.
vertical water meter

Multi jet vertical water meter

From the installing point of view,EMI® LXSG15-25EV multi jet water meter could also being divided into vertical or horizontal installation, that not means one meter could been put into use for both application but they are different design to meet this requirement,to meansure the volume of water comsuption which pass through the pipeline by velocity principle in household or a resident unit
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