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Passive direct reading water meter

Based on the traditional mechanical single-jet rotary vane wheel dry dial water meter, the direct-reading water meter with long-distance transmission (remote reading available)is made of photoelectric sensor and intelligent communication module, which is designed on the basis of the traditional mechanical single-jet rotary vane dry-type water meter. This phenotype adopts the patented technology of integrated photoelectric direct reading, the sensor is isolated from the counting gear, and there is no mechanical contact. The counter is vacuum-treated, isolated from the air and water measured, so that the counter is always clear and free of atomization. The meter adopts sealed waterproof treatment and has anti-magnetic function.
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The direct reading water meter has three parts: a base meter, a sensor, and a smart chip:
1. Base table: The E-type liquid-sealed water meter, four-pointers and four digit rollers water meter are used. The maximum reading value is 9999.999m3.
2. The sensor: adopts the advanced multi-stage thick film circuit as the passive sensor component, and outputs the corresponding power signal in real time according to the different readings of the water meter.
3. Smart chip :The water meter can be made into the component line, RS485 bus and C-MBUS bus according to different requirements.


1. The whole system does not need any power supply during normal operation. It only needs to provide power in an instant when reading the meter, and the data will never be lost.

2, Used In Wet Water Meter, Using A Unique Patented Sealing Technology Solution, The Sensor And The Word Wheel Are Sealed In A Transparent Wheel Housing, Which Can Be Used In Different Water Quality, Ensuring The Reading Of The Water Meter Is Permanent And Clear, And Also Guarantees The Electronic .The Sensor Part Works Stably And Reliably For A Long Time.

3. No need to initialize the settings when installing or replacing the direct reading water meter.

4. When the signal line is open or short-circuited, it does not affect the accuracy of the data. When the line returns to normal, the collected data is consistent with the current count value of the water meter.

5. There is no cumulative error in data acquisition, and no error code will occur when the word wheel is collected.

6, Not affected by external voltage, light source, high and low frequency, magnetic field, water pressure and other environmental factors.

7. The sensor is made of rare metal such as palladium/silver/bismuth, which can ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the sensor.

8, Thick film circuit type sensor, can prevent signal changes caused by water hammer / water pressure vibration.


1. Passive direct reading standard: in accordance with ISO4064-1993; GB/T778-1996; CJ/T224-2006.

2, Verification procedures: in line with JJG162-85; JJG686-2006.

Main Specifications

1. Effective transmission distance: the branch line is 200m, the RS485 is 1000m, and the C-MBUS is 1000m.

2,The split line type is directly copied by the hand-held device, RS485 is supplied by the power adapter for 12V power supply, and the C-MBUS is supplied by the power adapter for 30V power supply. 3. The random error of the data acquisition value and the indication value of any water meter reading is ±0.5m3.

4. The transmission rate is 4800bps, and the data signal of 600 units of water meters can be copied every minute.

5. Remote reading can be equiped on request:Each bus-type water meter has a unique corresponding IP address, which can accurately identify the data of each meter.


1. According to the different water temperature, the cold water meter (0-30celius) and the hot water meter (0-90celius) are divided into two types.

2. According to the different acquisition and communication methods, it is divided into three types: split line (F type), RS485 bus (R type) and C-MBUS (C type).direct reading water metercold water meterremote readign water metermechanical water meter

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