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Overview of types and divisions of water meters and flow meters 2019-03-22
Overview of types and divisions of water meters and flow meters

Dry-dial mechanical water meter

It can be single-jet, multi-jet and Woltman. The counter space is separated from the hydraulic section by a pressure plate, the rotation of the shaft is made by a magnetic coupling over the wall of the pressure plate. The magnet is usually 2- or 4- or 6-pole. If the magnet is shielded by shielding rings, then the water meter is "Anti-magnetic" = can be less affected by the external magnetic field. The counter can be sealed. They may be magnetically trapped in the magnet region conductive dirt (scale, etc.) and block the paddle bearing.

Single-jet water meter (mechanical, speed) It is the simplest and thus the cheapest type. Due to its low price, it is used as a residential water meter for measuring SV and TV consumption in flats (dry running). The liquid flows onto the paddle wheel as shown. It is designed for mounting in vertical and horizontal piping, the dial must always be upwards or sideways (not "upside down"). It is usually produced at a nominal flow rate of 2.5 m3 / h and 4 m3 / h (DN 15 and 20). In a shortened construction length of 80 mm are often used in valve and battery adapters. The impeller is equipped with 1-3 bearings (sapphire).

Multi-jet water meter (mechanical, speed) The most widespread type of industrial water meter. Water on the impeller flows from all sides, the bearing is not axially loaded. Usual water meter for DN25 to DN50. Only horizontal piping is allowed. For mounting in vertical piping special variants are produced - to the "riser" and "descent" (according to the direction of flow - the dial always upwards). They can be both dry-running and wet-running, most often with threaded connections.

 Electromagnetic flowmeters

They use  electromagnetic induction when moving a conductor in a magnetic field. The conductor is a flowing fluid that must be at least the minimum specified value (eg not suitable for alcohol, demineralized water, etc.). They are very accurate and are therefore also used as flow standards. The big advantage is the negligible pressure loss and their inner surface (lining) is adapted to flowing through the choice of suitable material liquid (hard rubber, teflon, ceramics). They usually require mains power.

Ultrasonic flowmeters

In the flow meter, the UZ signal is transmitted as a pulse in the direction and upstream of the measured liquid. The measurement principle uses the time difference in the passage of pulses in both directions of propagation. The result does not depend on the UZ signal velocity in the medium (it does not depend on the medium composition, temperature and pressure). They are preferred

Independent of mains power supply, low pressure drop, small and large flow measurements, and multi-channel design allows very accurate measurements.

wet mechanical water  flow meter

It can be single-jet or multi-jet The counter is submerged in the liquid and under pressure. The disadvantage is the possibility of clogging the counter with dirt and limescale from the liquid. The advantage is absolute antimagneticity.

Woltman water flowmeter - WP (Speed)

Typical water meter type from DN50 above. The impeller (turbine) axis is in the flow axis and is connected to an angular gear. For vertical, horizontal and inclined mounting. Usually flange connection. Only dry running.
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