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ISO4064 R80 dry dial brass pulse Single jet water meter

this single jet water meter with characteristics of dry dial,brass body and pulse output,meantime it can also be equiped with Remote reading.meansuring accuracy reach upto R80,R100.
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Dry type Single Jet Dry Type Brass Body Water Meters

Brand : EMI®

Product origin : Heifei ,China

Delivery time : 15 days

Supply capacity : 30000

Product Description:

ISO4064 R80 ,Brass meter casing, dry type, remote reading meter, Length of body of 80mm or 110mm is available


  • Accuracy conforms to ISO4064 R80
  • Single-jet ,dry dial
  • Selected high quality materials
  • It is a high-tech water meter, its sensitivity is high, starting flow can reach 5L/h
  • Register is sealed in the capsule with special liquid keep it clear
  • keeping dry-dial water meter from losing magnetism
  • Small and light weight


What is the difference between Single jet meters & Multi jet meters?

Single jet meters make use of only one port to create a jet of water, making the turbine rotate, whereas Multi‐jet meters use multiple ports surrounding an internal chamber to create a jet of water  against  the  turbine.  Both,  single  jet  and  multi‐jet  meters  are  widely  used in the world. Accuracy and flow range requirements are same for single jet and multi jet water meters.

What are the classes of water meters available ? What is  the difference between these classes?

Water meters are classified as class A, B, C and D. Class A and B are widely

available and used . Class EMI WATER METER are expected to have the capability of measuring at a very low flow rate, compared to class A meters.

Could you print our company logo on the nameplate and package?

Yes, we can.We can even provide this service for your samples.

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cold water meter

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cold water meter

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