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DN15, 1/2 Inch Multi Jet Water Meter For Water Utility Lora newworking remote water meter

Portable multi jet water meter equiped with Lora networking by M-bus or RS485 wire or via wirless module,which make it so easy to remote reading or control remotely .DN15-50 sizes range ,best for residential ,domestic apartments
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DN15, 1/2 Inch Multi Jet Water Meter For Water Utility Lora newworking remote water meter

The rising prices of cold and hot utility water put more demands on accurate metering of its consumption and a fair distribution of costs for individual households in the house. Homeowners and housing cooperatives should therefore not hesitate to invest in quality and accurate water meters. Modern water meters measure water consumption even at a very low flow rate of about six liters of water per hour. This makes it possible to charge much more accurately and fairly. The price of a more accurate meter is practically the same as for a standard measuring device,which specializes in the measurement of water and remote readings.

Measuring the total volume of cold portable water passing through the pipeline,can be used for a remote reading transmission system as equipped with a built-in sensor.


  • The water meter is magnetically coupled and has anti-magnetic interference function
  • Copper shell, generous appearance, intuitive reading, accurate measurement
  • The product complies with the national standard GB/T778.1~3-2007 (ISO4064-1-3:2005)
  • Temperature class: T30 (cold water) Water temperature range is 0.3~30°C
  • Maximum allowable working pressure:1.0Mpa

Five tips on how to prevent fraud with water meters and more accurately measure water consumption

Regular maintenance is important

  1. For the most accurate measurement, it is appropriate to install water meters of the same type in all apartments and other used areas in the house. This will ensure a fair amount of water consumption because the measured values will not be affected by variations due to different accuracy and different technical design of water meters. In addition, water meters of the same type simplify maintenance and possible replacement of defective units with new ones. Regular check of the technical condition of the water meters and statutory metrological verification at a specified time interval should also be a matter of course.
  2. Beware of strong magnets
  3. The magnet acts on the magnetic coupling of the paddle wheel of the water meter and its own measuring device, and it is therefore possible to completely stop consumption measurement. Magnets fraud can be easily avoided by installing modern antimagnetic water meters. They are equipped with special shielding, which can not be influenced by very strong neodymium magnets.
  4. Beware of the status of the entire water installation

The special STEP-WHEEL blade increases the accuracy of the meter

The accuracy of water meters is also influenced by the quality of the entire plumbing installation in dwellings. For example, clogged sprayers or washing machines connected to mixing tap water can cause cold water to flow into domestic hot water. This will be reflected in the water meter reading as the water consumption. It is therefore advisable to install a non-return valve in front of a residential water meter to prevent this unwanted effect. Problems can cause leakage batteries to leakage meters. When closed, it creates large water shocks and the measuring device registers consumption due to the inertia of the paddle wheel, even though the water is no longer flowing through the piping. Modern water meters specially designed for use with lever mixers are the solution.

Remote status readouts save time

Increasingly, water meters are added in practice, supplemented by a system of remote reading of measured values. This makes it possible to collect data from water meters without having to enter individual apartments. Lora ,GPRS,NB-iOT remote reading systems greatly save time when collecting measured values. The clerk always gets all the data in time, plus he can read more often and better analyze water consumption in the house,, which in addition to non-impactable water meters also offers services related to the distribution of water and heat consumption. Modules for remote reading of the measured values are almost maintenance-free and the battery in them lasts practically for the lifetime of the meter. A minor disadvantage of remote readings may be the absence of visual inspection of the physical state of the meter and its installation.

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