cold water meter

Detachable Helix Woltman water meter

The LXLC detachable horizontal woltman type water meter is used to measure the total amount of tap water flowing through the pipeline. It cannot measure hot water, sewage and corrosive liquids. LXLC-80C~200C detachable horizontal woltman water meter, also known as “agricultural water meter”, is suitable for the measurement of water (such as groundwater) containing muddy, sand in the pipeline.
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products details

1. With a detachable structure, the water meter does not have to be removed from the pipe. Simply loosen the upper flange bolts to remove and replace the movement on site.

2. The streamlined guide rectifier impeller is in accordance with the principle of hydraulics. Thereby improving the metering accuracy and stability of the water meter.

3. The measuring movement has good versatility and is convenient for users to repair.

4. The water meter error adjustment device adopts an external adjustment structure. This series of products realizes the integration of the measuring movement and the adjustment device, and there is no need to recalibrate when replacing the field.

5. The double magnetic steel connection mode is adopted, the transmission resistance is small, and the operation is sensitive and reliable.

6. Large circulation capacity and low pressure loss.

7. LXLC-80C~200C agricultural water meter uses high wear-resistant material and reasonable impeller metering mechanism structure, which greatly improves the wear resistance of water meter and has a high service life.

Technical indicators

1. Operating temperature: 0~50 °C.

2. Nominal pressure: 1.0Mpa.

3. Pressure loss: ≤ 0.1Mpa.

4. Indication error:

From the lower zone including the minimum flow to the transitional flow(ex): ± 5%.

From transitional flow(including) to upper zone including maximum flow: ±2%.
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