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Customers visit from South America 2019-12-03

Welcome South American customers visiting EMI AMR&AMI factory

LoRa&LoRaWAN water meters applied in Peru

After serveral months online talk ,we and south america customers who represent a huge reputable telecommunication company in Peru finally had a face to face talk,the customers visited EMI factory and had constructive converstation about deploying our AMR water meter,AMI water meter in the whole city of Lima,Peru. this visit bring us a good knowledge of knowing each other ,the LoRa &LoRaWAN Water meter application prospect in Peru .Combined with our advanced technology and equipments in this field, we had an in-depth discussion.

We simulated the real environment of Peru and performed a live display of our AMR / AMI water meter system, and the whole process went very smoothly. Customers have confidence in our technology. In the next phase, we will deploy more smart water meters in Peru. And we want to apply our technology to more countries in South America.
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