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Congratulations: EMI® NB-IOT water meter sales have exceeded $5 million In the first quarter of 2019 2019-04-08
With the gradual maturity of NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things )technology, the application of NB-IoT modules in the water meter is dramaticly increasing in the water metering industry, EMI® NB-Iot water meter has been in put into the market since Mar,2017, so far the market feedback has been very good . In the first quarter of 2019, the sales of our NB-IOT watch has exceeded 5 million US dollars and achieved gratifying results. EMI NB –Iot water meter is so sucessful thanks to the following are the characteristics of the NB-IoT water meter:

  1. records the original water comsumption data, easy to analyze and maintain;
  2. each water meter is directly connected to the server, does not need to go through the concentrator or repeater, the transmission is safe and reliable;
  3. The connection between the NB-IoT module and the base meter utilizes an integrated structure and built-in antenna to reduce the damage of the antenna during the installation process;
  4. the overall circuit uses ultra-low power design (or zero-power technology), high-capacity lithium-ion battery power supply, battery life of more than 6 years;
  5. remote networking, the data of the water meter that can be collected in any NB-IoT signal coverage area, there will be no distance limitation,achieving the meter reading to the houses;
  6. It is convenient for meter reading. The system administrator can log in the meter reading system at any time and any place, and copy the readings of each meter in the area to ensure that the management department does not enter the household to complete the meter reading work;
  7. Real-time monitoring of the status of the water meter. Set a fixed interval time and meter indentity in the wireless meter. When meeting the set time, the wireless water meter activates water meter signal communication , reads the meter data, checks the power supply, valve, and NB. -IoT module, magnetic disturbance and other meters status.
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