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Thoughts on the design of one household one water meter 06 May 2019
Thoughts on the design of one household one water meter

1. Material selection: The galvanized steel pipe has been out of date, and a large number of new pipes, such as UPVC pipe, PP-R pipe and PE pipe, appear. After comparison, in the case of one household and multiple households, the household pipe should adopt PP-R pipe, and the pipe diameter can be DN15. It has the following advantages:
  • no rust, no secondary pollution; 
  • good hydraulic conditions, PP-R pipe of DN15 (the inner diameter of 15mm water capacity is equivalent to DN15 galvanized steel pipe, so under the same water conditions, Save space; 
  • soft material, hot melt interface, easy to construct; 
  • beautiful appearance. For the vertical pipe in the pipeline well, it is suitable to use hard UPVC pipe.

2. For new residential areas, developers are required to install water meters on the user's water meter. Directly installed by the water company, and meter reading to the household. According to different housing structures and different situations, the options for “one household, one water meter” that can be selected by the design unit and the construction unit are:

  • The water meter is located in the pipeline well. The newly built house is equipped with a special pipeline well or shares the pipeline well with other types of equipment. This pipeline arrangement is convenient for protecting the water meter without special anti-freezing measures and has a beautiful appearance.
  • Set the wall-mounted water meter, which is suitable for new residential buildings. It can also be used for the renovation of existing houses. The pipeline layout is reasonable and the cost is low. However, when the pipeline is mounted, it needs to be protected against freezing.
  • Set up buried water meters. Several water meters are arranged at appropriate locations under the ground. One household has a riser along the pipe corridor (in the pipe well or corridor, you need to consider antifreeze. There is also a corresponding space for layout.

Method three
In the front of the user's building, a large surface well is set up, and each household water meter and water supply pipe are arranged separately. A control valve is arranged in front of the water meter, and one water supply pipe is provided for water supply to meet the requirements of household control.

3. The renovation project of a residential building that has been built is different from the new construction. In order to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the water meter in the future, the water meter must be set in the outdoor water meter well. In this problem, the design unit can be used. The schemes selected by the construction unit for “one household, one meter and water meter” are: 1. Each household pipeline is concentrated into the unit and then used to open the pipe. It is installed parallel to the wall and fixed by the pipe clamp. Its advantages are: construction and maintenance are convenient, and the cost is low. The disadvantage is that the number of holes and through walls is large, which has a certain influence on the structural strength, and has high requirements on the appearance of the pipeline installation.

2. The wall of the building is set at a proper position with a pipe groove of about 50 mm in depth. The width of the pipe is determined according to the number of pipelines. After each household pipeline is concentrated into the building, it is installed in parallel in the pipe groove, and the pipe groove is provided with a cover plate. Its advantages are: beautiful, does not occupy indoor space. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to repair and has a certain impact on the structure.

3. After each household pipeline is concentrated into the unit, the riser is installed in the casing made of PVC drainage pipe, and the pipeline is taken out from the inspection hole when entering the household. Its advantages are: the number of drilling and wall bushings is small, more beautiful and easy to be modified. The disadvantages are: complicated construction and maintenance, and high cost.

4. A main pipe enters the unit and is installed in the pipeline well, branching at each layer, and setting the water meter at the appropriate position in the stairwell. The position should be suitable for water meter lookup and overhaul. Its advantages are: it does not occupy the indoor space, does not affect the main structure, and the access pipe diameter can be arbitrarily selected according to needs. The disadvantage is that an appropriate pipe well must be set up.

It can be seen that the above four schemes can be applied to new residential buildings, designers It can be selected according to the actual situation, and the fourth option is the best. When retrofitting the existing residential building, the second and fourth options are not suitable for the original building structure. Therefore, the number of holes in the plan is large, and the arrangement position should be selected according to the structure drawing. It is difficult to solve, so it is not suitable to use in practice; the number of openings in each layer of scheme 3 is only one, and the position of the original riser can be utilized, which is more beautiful and easy to implement. Therefore, in the renovation project of the existing residential building, it is better to adopt the third option.

The role of PVC casing in Scheme 3 is mainly to ensure the appearance. Therefore, the choice of pipe diameter should be moderate, the principle that the required number of PP-R pipes can pass smoothly, too large is cumbersome, too small to affect the installation of PP-R pipe. According to engineering practice experience, the DN75 drain pipe can pass up to 4 DN15 PP-R pipes, and the DN110 drain pipe can pass through 7 DN15 PP-R pipes. A three-way inspection hole shall be provided at each design height, and the PP-R tube shall be pierced through the cover of the inspection hole to ensure an elegant appearance.

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