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Single Jet And Multi-Jet Water Meters 22 Apr 2019
A class of inferential or current type meters, in which the speed of rotation of a moving element bears a linear relationship to the velocity of flow through the meter.

Note is to focus on that in the Multi-jet water meters, the moving element takes the form of a multi-blade rotor (also termed as “fan” or “vane wheel”), mounted on a vertical spindle within a cylindrical measuring chamber. The liquid enters the measuring chamber (downstream) through several tangential orifices around the circumference and leaves the measuring chamber (upstream) through another set of tangential orifices placed at a different level in the measuring chamber.

Notes are also given that Single Jet Water Meters are impeller (turbine) water meters with magnetic transmission, dry type register, for residential application, DN15 to DN20 meeting the requirements of Directive 2004/22/EC of measuring instruments as well as EN14154 Standard Both meter types comply with the International Organization of Legal Metrology OIML R-49: 2006(E) It takes the truth that single-jet water meter are accurate, and all parts are manufactured to the highest specifications, approved to ISO4064 Class B in the horizontal position, with a Class A in the vertical position.

They are manufactured from the highest quality materials for maximum resistance to wear and corrosion and are of the flow sensitive quality

It is confirmed that in both meter types the registers are super dry and guarantee an excellent security with better control systems. The registers have a 360º rotation, for ease of readability. Bid compliance should be given that these meters have a reliable security features which protect from tampering and fraud and to prevent the meter from being opened after installation. In a more sound description it is highly desired that the meters are capable of detecting intended tampering and illegal operations on the meters.

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