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Learn about EMI LoRa /LoRaWAN AMR /AMI water meter 12 Nov 2019

Learn about EMI LoRa/LoRaWAN water meter

EMI AMR/AMI LoRa/LoRaWAN water meter working principle

Our Lora/Lorawan type of smart water meter is the microsensor technology compatible with Lora/Lorawan.been mounted on the regular water meter so it comprise two parts ,micro sensor and regular water meter.

The LoRaWAN water meter which send the LoRaWAN data packages following the specific protocol ,the data packages from the water meter will be transmitted using LoRaWAN and will be decoded in the network server running in the cloud,LoRaWAN is just the communiction technology protocol.and the specific protocol from which we will calculate the amount of water used and other details such as valve open or close.certainly ,the frequency band varies in different country. The modulation (phisical layer)is always LoRa.LoRaWAN is the MAC layer used on top of LoRa PHY.

so as to form a AMR/AMI (auotmatic reading or instruments),just smart water meter is not enough ,must need smart meter,gateway/concentrator,cloud/server to make up a auotmatic system which is capable of collecting data from water meter and transit it to server by using gateway/concentrator and GPRS/3G/4G . the AMR/AMI water meter system also provide the API or protocol for connecting billing system.
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