cold water meter
Instruction of water meter 18 Apr 2019
introduction of water meter inlcuding single jet water meter,mult jet water metter,displacement water meter..

The global consensus of water use metering is an essential element that contributed much to the efficiency and conservation management of water supplies, and is necessary in order to conduct a monitoring system of such a resource. Water metering is a requirement for loss control, accounting and rate making, verification of water and cost savings, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of efficiency and conservation measures. Thus, metering must be provided at all important water production processes and delivery locations including at the supply source, at critical in-plant control points, at wholesale delivery points, and at service connections.

Water use metering not only help the utilities collect the revenue they are due, it also helps pinpoint leaks, locate pressure problems along their waterways, and identify and study periods of peak and non-peak use among both residential and business consumers. But meters can only perform these feats if they are accurate.

Most commercially available water meters use one of three methods for measuring flow rates: displacement, velocity water meter, and electromagnetic water meter. All the regional water utilities are aware of the operating limits of each type of meters being used within the system so that the correct meter can be selected and installed for each application.

As in some countries distribution water meters also are used to measure water movement within the distribution system in the regional urban centers as well as rural water supply schemes. It is also believed that obtaining and analyzing demand profiles in distribution systems can provide valuable information to improve operational factors, such as water pumping and storage facility management. System flow profiles, reservoir balancing, and real water loss calculations can be achieved with distribution system metering.

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