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Evolution of AMR/AMI technology for water meter reading 22 Oct 2019

Development of meter reading technology

-AMR/AMR technolgy evolution


The meter reader uses the hand-held meter reading device to transmit the data of the water meter to the collector or the concentrator through Mbus or wireless Lora or other methods. The meter reader does not need to read each table separately. In this way, although the meter reader has to phisically vist the site , But don't need to enter the building


The meter reader sits on the vehicle and wirelessly reads the meter along the area where the water meter is arranged. These water meters must have a video transmitter in advance, and the same type of wireless receiver is connected to the vehicle. The received data will be saved on the meter reading device for download or direct transfer to the billing system.

Fixed network

Each smart water meter with its own wireless sensor automatically transfer the data on the water meter to the nearest collector or concentrator when receiving the meter reading command from the server. If the distance is far away, they will follow the grid. The topology transmits the data to the nearest water meter, and the information is finally transmitted to the collector or concentrator. The concentrator equipped with the DTU public network transmission device is transmitted to the data center database through the public network GPRS/3G/4G or the upcoming 5G. The software provided by the manufacturer or the system software developed according to the customer's requirements will analyze and diagnose the water data, such as the EMI brand Lora wireless remote water meter. At the same time, when the billing system provides an API interface, it can be compatible with it. If equiped with temperature control ,water quality sensor, pressure sensor on the water pipe, The data analyzed will be more diverse, ensuring that the water utilities and users understand the water quality, pressure, temperature and other information used. The software provided by the meter reading manufacturer can analyze the user data separately and provide abnormal alarms, such as water leakage, tampering, abnormal alarms for water data. If the water meter with EMI brand wireless remote valve control function is configured, it can be combined with the water meter's billing system to realize the prepaid function. The waterwroks can decide to remotely automatically close the valve based on whether the customer's prepaid expenses are used up. This will change the past troubles of paying for the customer through the IC card table. Customers can continue to use it by recharging online. It must be pointed out here that everything here is automatic and requires no human intervention.

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