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AMR water meter knowledge LoRa / Lorawan electronic remote reading smart water meter works Modes 30 Oct 2019

AMR water meter knowledge LoRa / Lorawan electronic remote reading smart water meter works Modes

Kown more about AMR water meter

Throughout the history of the development of water meters, we found that the development direction of water meters is to develop in an intelligent direction. In order to comply with the trend of the times, all smart water meter manufacturers are actively producing various types of smart water meters. LoRa series inclusive of lora and lorawan electronic remote smart water meter(AMR technology) is one of them.

TheLorawan water meteris an electronic remote water meter with data remote transmission function. The composition of the water meters mainly consists of the base meter and the electronic part of the LoRa module. The intelligent LoRa wireless remote water meter works by receiving the open search wake-up signal after a period of sleep, and if it has a wake-up signal, it normally sends and receives a meter reading or finds that there is no wake-up signal to enter a sleep mode.

A. LoRa/Lorawan principle

In the whole working mode, the power consumption in the meter reading state can not be reduced, and the breathing state only produces the sleep and receiving power consumption. Obviously, controlling the receiving power consumption is the key, and the best way to save power for the module is Try to shorten the receiving time. However, if the LoRa spreading factor is adjusted to the highest and the rate is the lowest, the wake-up time (reception time) must be multiplied when the same data is transmitted. The rate is too high, the distance is short, and the rate is too low. It is too power-hungry. Therefore, the choice of the LoRa spreading factor, that is, the selection of the rate and the reception time must be balanced in a certain sense, and cannot be extreme.

Second, the functional characteristics

The components are made of high-quality materials and anti-corrosion treatment, which has the advantages of accurate measurement, durability and convenient maintenance.

Lithium battery and MBUS dual power supply mode ensure the service life of the entire battery;

Compact structure with high protection level up to IP68;

Using a high-performance micropower processor, the static power consumption is less than 4μA;

LORA wireless remote transmission mode, communication distance can reach 3KM-5KM;
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