cold water meter

Automatic remote reading system software

Automatic remote reading system is softeware used for Auotmatic remote reading water meter (AMR/AMI )water meter
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EMI2001LDC Management sysem software for automatic remote reading water meter,referered to as ‘meter reading software’,can make real-time monitoring,data acquistion and processing,user’s information management of photoelectric,pulse water meter with remote reading functions,has functions of statistic analysism,record,expense settlement,report printing,information export,etc

the communication network among data collecting devices ,communication controller(wire or wireless)and meter reading softeware has been established to achieve auotmatic remote reading of master stationamr water meter softewareremote reading water meter system
smart water meter
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water meter data concentrator

remote reading water meter data concentrator

EMI –CD1.00 Data concentrator’s marjor functon is to adopt data acquisition,storage of all opto-electric direct readign water meter and transit the measuring data to automatic reading master station,handheld raeding device or other quiped equipment by means of M-BUS
Water meter communication controller

Water meter communication controller

EMI-CC1.02 water meter communication controller Based on the pulic swithced telephone network(PSTN) are equiped with two types of communication interfaces(i.e RS-232/485)to achieve the communication and data transmission of data concentrator and automatic reading master station or other equipments
volumetric water meter

Volumetric Piston Dry Type Water Meter

Volumetric Piston Dry Type Water Meter s are designed to measure the volume of cold water at a pressure to 16 bars, in the households or office-industrial complex. Installation should be done in any position.
sinlge jet water meter

Single jet plastic cold Water Meter

this type of single jet water meter is made of plastic meter body and designed for potable water such as applications of residential,household,domestic apartments
photoelectric water meter

Photoelectric wet dial vane wheel multi jet water meter

Wet water meter: counter immersed in water meter,counter glass to withstand water pressure, the transmission between the sensor and the counter is gear linkage.
domestic water meter

Photoelectric remote valve control and reading water meter

Photoelectric remote valve control and reading water meter belongs to one type of EMI high-tech remote water meters and this series of meters has adopted the most advanced M-Bus transmission technology ,tranferred measurement information of traditional mechanical meters into electronic data through a microelectronic control circuit and upload the water status measurement results to the data acquisition unit through a RS485 transmission module,the data acquisition unit can have a remote communication network through a wire or wirless module,directly deliver data in a handheld data acquisition unit to computer terminals and achieve information exchange for the purpose of meter reading modernization .in the meantimethe water supply valve also can be controlled to realize remote control or water supply of specific users can  be shut down,opened or opened with a certain percentage of control.
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