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Application of ultrasonic water meter 2019-04-10
Application of ultrasonic water meter

It is a new type of water meter that further calculates the flow rate of water by detecting the time difference caused by the change of the speed when the ultrasonic beam propagates in the opposite direction of the water. It has excellent small flow detection capability, can solve many traditional water meter problems, is more suitable for water fee gradient charging, and is more suitable for water resource conservation and rational utilization, and has broad market and use prospects.
Application principle:

The ultrasonic water meter is an all-electronic water meter manufactured by using industrial grade electronic components using the principle of ultrasonic time difference. Compared with the mechanical water meter, it has high precision, good reliability, wide range ratio, long service life, no moving parts, no need to set parameters, and installation at any angle.

Application areas:
Industrial process measurement and control.
Instead of mechanical flow meters to improve metering reliability.
Replace all types of high performance flow meters.
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