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AMR Multi jet water meter

LXMG-JX/SX is the EMI® AMR(automatic remote reading)series water meter,it designed based on the single jet or multi jet water meter with aumatic remote reading funtions ,through Rs485 ,Mbus ,wireless radio to realize auomatic remote reading and remotely control with valve (optional).
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This product combines advanced technologies in many fields such as mechanics, optics, electronics and software, and is integrated into the world's most cost-effective water meter with close-range automatic meter reading function. Completely subvert the traditional manual meter reading mode. The wireless chip, handheld collector, and intelligent meter reading monitoring and analysis system software are the supporting components of this series of products, and users can choose or purchase separately according to their needs. After supporting related components, it can realize wireless positioning, automatic identification meter reading, wireless real-time monitoring and other functions.


(1) High reliability: The impeller metering mechanism adopts mechanical transmission, which is sensitive and reliable; the counting mechanism adopts dry structure, vacuum sealing and clear cleaning.

(2) High accuracy: The combination of photoelectric digital and traditional mechanical character wheel, digital recognition reading and manual identification of the word wheel reading are completely synchronized, no cumulative error.

(3), cost-effective: the use of gold water to patent technology, in the realization of close-range automatic meter reading function, to minimize the cost of manufacturing, to provide customers with a cost-effective automatic meter reading water meter products.

(4), high durability: no need to use the battery, zero power consumption design, just keep the water meter mirror clean, can be used effectively for a long time. The service life is the same as that of ordinary mechanical water meters, which is much higher than similar electronic water meters.

(5), low cost of use: no need to receive electricity, no need to replace the battery, zero cost operation, the transmission mechanism uses the mechanical standard universal standard parts, the replacement cost is low, the maintenance is simple, the water company can repair it by itself. (6), low failure rate: mechanical transmission, photoelectric identification, while taking into account the reliability of ordinary mechanical water meters and electronic meter reading automatic reading function, the failure rate is much lower than the electronic water meter.

2, model specifications:

Model Description

LXMG-JX dry, metal casing (nodular cast iron), optional wireless chip (built-in)

LXMG-SX dry, plastic case, optional wireless chip (built-in)


DN15\DN20\DN25 three calibers

3. Dimensions:

The appearance and installation dimensions are identical to those of ordinary mechanical cold water meters. Water company staff can install themselves without training.

4. Flow Ratio(Q3/Q1): R80/ R100

5, performance:

Photoelectric automatic acquisition reading distance: 10~18cm.

Allowable error: The maximum allowable error is ±5% from the low range including the minimum flow (Q1) to the boundary where the boundary flow (Q2) is not included. From the boundary flow (Q2) to the high zone including the overload flow (Q4), the maximum allowable error is ±2% for water temperature ≤30°C and ±3% for water temperature >30°C. Conditions of use: The maximum allowable working pressure is 1.0Mpa water temperature (1-30 °C). Pressure loss: The maximum allowable pressure loss is 0.063 MPa at overload flow.

6, the installation environment requirements:

The water meter should be installed in a place that avoids exposure, freezing, pollution, flooding, and is easy to disassemble and read. Please do not install the water meter in the place where the water meter mirror has been buried by water, dirt and dirt for a long time. Try to ensure that the water meter mirror is clean and visible. If the water meter wheel is blocked by dirt, it will directly affect the automatic identification meter reading. In order to facilitate the automatic collection of digital cold water meter readings, please install the water meter in the water meter box or water meter well. When installed in the underground meter well, the vertical drop of the water meter mirror surface and the meter reading surface should be no more than 40cm. When the water meters are stacked vertically, the gap between the upper and lower water meters should be no less than 9cm. Before installing the water meter, be sure to flush the sand, stone, rust and other debris in the pipeline to avoid water meter failure. In order to make the meter accurate, the dial should be horizontal and the outlet should be at least 0.5 m above the water meter.

The direction of the body arrow is consistent with the direction of the water flow.remote water meter readerwireless water meteramr water meterwater meter with remote readoutsmart water metering systems

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